Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Homme invasion

 I've always loved the male dolls................and the Hommes are no exception. I had resisted and resisted and resisted, because I "didn't do the 12" size anymore". Well, when I got back into Barbie a bit in the fall of 2011 I started eyeing the Hommes again. Leading Man Lukas spoke to me LOUDLY. I finally caved to his call before Christmas and was not disappointed. I know some don't like his hair, but I do. I love everything about him.
 After I got Lukas I started eyeing the other Hommes. Romaine seemed to still be available everywhere. I think Integrity's promos did him no favors, but I thought there could be a sexy guy lurking underneath the "nerdy" persona Integrity promoted. He arrived shortly after Lukas and proved that he wasn't all "nerd".
I came across this guy in my ebay browsing and put in a bid because the price was low, never thinking I'd actually get him. I was thrilled when he ended at a price I could afford. Rule Breaker Pierre is very intense, but a keeper!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Build a Monster

 Found the Monster High "Build a Monster" basic kits at TRU the other day. Each kit has 2 heads and 2 sets of arms/legs to pair with one torso. The kit also includes 1 wig and 2 outfits. First up here is the vampire girl. She is actually wearing a wig from the Liv dolls and a Disney VIP dress. She is probably my least favorite of the 4 sculpts, but I like her in this dress and wig.
 Next up, the dragon girl. She has textered limbs and wings that are very cool. Also love her patterned eyeshadow that is very scale like. I'm calling mine "Pyra". She is one of my 2 favorites. Wearing a dress from Bratz here.
Lastly, the Sea Monster girl wearing the dress from dragon girl. I've named mine Nessie. I have a hard time picking between here and Pyra for my favorite. I haven't taken pics of my werewolf girl yet, because Nessie doesn't want to give up the torso yet. I wish they would include a torso piece in each color. I would have gladly paid $5 more to get an extra torso so each doll would "match".

Sunday, December 11, 2011


 I've been searching for this guy since my interest in Barbie has renewed again, but he is getting really hard to find. I finally came across a nude one last week on ebay and hit the buy button to bring him home. He is a wonderful likeness to Johnny Depp IMHO.
If he were easier to find I would get another. Love that Mattel used the articulated body, like Harley Ken's. I really wish they would have used that on Japan Ken as well. I love the articulated body.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally found Toralei.............

 I've been looking for this kitty since her debut a few weeks ago, and finally snagged her yesterday at TRU. The newest character in the Monster High line, Toralei.
 She's a werecat...............I never noticed before photographing her this morning that her face and hair is done in shades of orange. Very cool.
And as always, for the price..........I think this line has the best accessories of any doll line that Mattel puts out. I hope we see lots more of Toralei in future releases of Monster High dolls.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Twilight Victoria

 I've been meaning to add Tonner's Victoria from the Twilight group to my collection since she came out, other things just seemed to push in front of her on my list. I noticed recently though that she's getting a bit harder to find so figured it was time to push that buy button.
 She arrived home last week and I had to take some time with her and the camera this morning. Aside from the fact that she has Tonner big head syndrome..................James has it too, so I guess they will display fine together, she is a gorgeous doll. I really do wish Tonner would go back to the smaller heads (the size the Tyler doll line heads were when the dolls first premiered).
And my favorite shot from this morning's shoot. She  just looks a bit dangerous here to m.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Team Edward..............

 Gotta represent Team Edward too! His "skin" really does sparkle.............kind of hard to find him a candidate for body swapping, but heh, for $10 I"ll live with it.
 He makes a nice addition to the 12" male crowd.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The lone wolf...............

 I had no intentions of adding any of the Twilight dolls in the 12" size................since they aren't articulated, for $25-30 a piece, I figured I would pass since I have Tonner's Twilight dolls. Well, I went to Big Lots yesterday afternoon as I heard they would be having the Twlight dolls for $10 ea. I was able to find Jake and Edward (Bella was sold out), and for $10 ea I couldn't pass them up.
 I really wish they were articulated.....................but for $10 I'm not complaining too loudly.
Jake makes a nice addition to the 12" male population. He is a cutie..............not sure how much he looks like Taylor Lautner, but he's a cutie just the same, and adds variety to the guys.